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Shiyan Taixiang Industry Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1997, which located in No.258, Jilin Road, Longmen ETDZ, Shiyan City(420013),Hubei Province, China. The registered capital is 50,000.000RMB. Our main scope of business is the production and sales of main bearing cap.

Taixiang is the a global A-supplier of VW Group, our main customers conclude VWFAWEDL, SVW, Salzgitter Plant(Germany), SKODA Auto(Czech), Audi Plant(Hungary). Furthermore, we also co-operate with Futon Auto, DongFeng Auto & Geely Auto.

We can realize casting and machining process in our factory. The iron mould sand-faced casting process was appreciated by experts from Audi and VW which used in producing the blanks. The process was recognized as invention patent, which solve the trouble of blank internal loose very well. Furthermore, it has lots of advantages, such as high output, low pollution, low energy wasting. Taixiang was recognized as High And New Technology Enterprise in 2012.

Taixang operates Quality Management System strictly, which applies to the requirements of ISO TS16949:2009, so we got the certificate in 2007 from IATF till now. Taixiang was rewarded as the “Annual Excellent Supplier” in 2007,2011,2012,2014 &2015 by VW because of our good performance in quality.

We have a staff more than 200, 29 of them work in RD department. They are practiced in machining process, and researched many core machining machines and equipments by themselves.

Taixiang registered in the Shares system of small and medium-sized enterprise in 2015. It requires us to operates the company more standard, to bear more social responsibilities, and it will also help Taixiang to be more healthy and a long-life enterprise.

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